Gudauri ― Deda Ena cross

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Купите доступ к маршруту, чтобы увидеть GPS трек с основными отмеченными местами на нашей онлайн карте и возможность скачать трек в GPX-формате для загрузки в мобильное офлайн приложение. А также полное описание маршрута в текстовом формате.

Как добраться на общественном транспорте:

The village of Gudauri is located in the Kazbegi district of Georgia, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, at an altitude of 2,150 meters. It is divided into three parts — upper, central and lower. The distance to it from Tbilisi is about 120 kilometers.
In the period from December to May, Gudauri is a popular ski resort.

Tbilisi — Gudauri by bus or minibus.
Public transport, in this case a bus or minibus, is the most popular way for independent travelers to get from Tbilisi to Gudauri.
All of them depart from Didube Bus Station, located on Akaki Tsereteli Avenue 143 (Akaki Tseretelis gamziri 143). It is very easy to get to it: you need to get to the Didube metro station of the same name, get out of the first car and then turn right in the underpass. After that, find a parking lot of minibuses that go to Gudauri or Kazbegi.
If you go to Gudauri, the driver will be able to drop you off anywhere, but if you go to Kazbegi, you can get off either at the bottom near the Smart supermarket, or at the top near the old post office.
The travel time from Tbilisi to Gudauri will be about 2.5 hours



Детали маршрута:

Cross about 25 kilometers from Gudauri to Deda Ena peak. You can get to the foot of the mountain by minibus / taxi or include it in the race route. The ascent from the foot to the top and back is about 9 kilometers, the height of the peak is 3200 meters, the climb is 1300 meters.



Что взять с собой:

Good shoes, water (several liters), a snack. Sportswear, according to the weather. A detailed description of the equipment is available in the full description of the route The full route includes a GPS track and photos from places.

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